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Price Lock-in

• 12 Month Price Lock-in

• Up to 10% discount

• Wide range of brands included


1ST Pay Finance

• Buy now, pay later

• Enjoy up to 50k NZD credit

• Up to 30 days interest holiday


Get Promoted on 1ST

• Showroom available

• Integrated marketing support

• Wide customer base


Builders Index

• Attract new clients

• Earn rewards points

• Access to professional network

What is 12 Month Price Lock-In?


One of the main issues facing builders and developers is the constanly rising cost of materials. We got the answer to that. 1StopbuildPrice Lock-in Program is an arrangement between qualified applicants and 1Stopbuild which ensures that qualified applicants can buy building materials from 1Stopbuild at a pre-determined fixed price for a period of 12 months. This means you can lock in your best price now, and enjoy it for the following 12 months, making planning and budgeting that much simpler.

How Does It Work?

Bring us invoices of any purchase you've made in the last 3 months, and we will do our best to beat it. Not to worry, you can wait until we give you our price offer before you pay the plan fee. So you can be sure that you are getting great value.


Make an account on 1stopbuild.com


Submit your price lock-in application


We'll review your application and get back to you within 10 working days.


All done, enjoy fixed prices for the next 12 months.

Time to go shopping!


Our Price Lock-in plans

Find the right plan to suit your current needs. For any questions or if you are making large purchases of over 1 million please get in touch at service@1stopbuild.com


General products

Price match your reference price

1Stopbuild Recommend

Price match your reference price

Apply now

General products

Beat your reference price by 1%

1Stopbuild Recommend

Beat your reference price by 3%

Apply now

General products

Beat your reference price by 3%

1Stopbuild Recommend

Beat your reference price by 10%

Apply now

Terms & Conditions

1.You must be registered with the 1Stopbuild.com website

2.To make a purchase at the Price Lock-In price you must pay the full annual membership fee within 5 working days from the date that we confirmed your Price Lock-in price list.

3.Once you have registered with 1Stopbuild.com and have paid annual membership fee in full for the 1stopbuild Price Lock-in Program,you are entitled to the price lock benefits based on your corresponding membership class as shown above.

4.The price lock-in service term is 12 months commencing from the date we confirmed your Price Lock-in price list. The confirmed prices will be not valid if the full membership fee is not paid within 5 working days from the day we give you the confirmed Price Lock-in price list.

5.Renewal of Price Lock-in. If you would liketo extend this service, you must renew your membership one month before it expires by paying the membership fee for the next term. During the renewal process, 1Stopbuild.com will work with you to review your pricing for the subsequent 12 months’ price lock-in period.

6.Under 1Stopbuild.com Price Lock-in Program,reference price refers to the price on the invoices you produce from other suppliers over the 3 months immediately prior to your application date as the benchmark price. Final lock-in price will be conditional on 1Stopbuild’s review and confirmation before it can be accepted.

7.If no valid invoice can be produced or anitem does not appear on the benchmarking invoices, the price on the 1Stopbuild.comwebsite at the time of application will be considered as the benchmark price.

8.Price Lock-in as a non-member. If you wouldlike to use the 1Stopbuild.com Price Lock-In service as a non-member, you willbe required to pay 50% of the total purchase amount as a deposit. Additionally,the benchmark price will be taken at the time of purchase and based on thecurrent listed price on the 1Stopbuild.com website.

9.1StRecommend Brands are those marked with the “1ST Recommend” Badge.

10.Standard Brands are those brands without the“1ST Recommend” Badge. Any products that require customized specificationssuch as framing, concrete and precast are not included in the 1Stopbuild.comPrice Lock-In Program. These can be purchased normally through the1Stopbuild.com website.

11.In the case where an ordered product is not available at the time of delivery, 1Stopbuild will contact the purchaser to arrange a mutually agreeable substitution of a comparable product. If the replacement product cost is higher than the ordered product, the purchaser will be required to pay the difference. Likewise, if the replacement product is cheaper than the ordered product, 1Stopbuild will refund the difference to the purchaser. If the purchaser is not in agreement with this replacement, this item will be removed from the order and a refund of any amount paid against that item will be returned to the purchaser. The membership fee for the 1Stopbuild Price Lock-in Program is not refundable.

What is 1ST Pay?

1ST Pay Credit Account is a revolving credit facility provided by 1ST Pay Technology Limited to qualified applicants which allows them to buy goods from 1stopbuild.com on credit and pay later.

How Does It Work?

Register with 1ST Pay Credit via out online application form. Once we've reviewed and accepted your application, you will be able to use the 1st Pay Credit option at checkout to make any purchases on the 1stopbuild platform. We will extend this payment facility to more locations in the future so keep an eye out!

Application Criteria

• For individual applicants

1. You must be 18 years or older.

2. You are currently residing in New Zealand with New Zealand Citizenship or Residency

3. You and your guarantors can each provide a valid current NZ driver license, passport, and latest bank statements or water/electricity bill.

4. Meet all the requirements stipulated in "Credit Account Application Form".

• For organizations

1. Your company has been established for more than 6 months;

2. The country/region where your company is registered is within our service area;

3. Meet all the requirements stipulated in "Credit Account Application Form".

Required Supporting Documents

• For individual applicants

1. Applicant and their guarantor must provide:

  a) A valid passport.

  b) Their valid NZ driver license.

  c) Their bank statement, or water/electricity bill from within the last 3 months.

  d) A hard copy of the Credit Account Application Form signed by you and your guarantor(s).

• For organizations

1.The Director(s) and guarantor(s) must provide

  a) A valid passport

  b) A valid NZ driver license

  c) Their bank statement, or water/electricity bill from within the last 3 months.

  d) A hard copy of the Credit Account Application Form signed by Director(s) and guarantor(s).

2.Companies: construction companies with certificates and qualifications.

Joining Process

1.  Register with 1stopbuild.com  

2. Apply 1ST Pay online

3. Send hard copy of the signed Credit Account Application Form to service@1stpay.info 

4. Application assessment (10 working days)

5. Approval


Any queries regarding 1ST Pay Credit Account,please email to service@1stpay.info or call +64 9589 1115



Showcase your products online and offline: physical showroom, networking events, physical product gallery.

Networking with NZ building practitioners: designers, builders,contractors, etc. You may have the opportunity to let designers and QS staff include your product and price in their building plan.

Multi-media promotion: Google, Email, SMS, Mobile APP, WeChat,Facebook, Twitter.

Let clients order your products anywhere, anytime.

Ready to become a promoted Supplier?

If you are already a 1ST supplier and want to get some of your product promoted through our marketing channels, please contact us on service@1stopbuild.com and we can work together to find the right approach for you.

Not a 1ST a Supplier?

We'd love for you to join. Please follow the requirements and process laid out below.

Supplier requirements

The following documents are required for NZ local suppliers:

• Certificate of Incorporation

• Director identification

• Director’s and the authorized representative’s ID

• Trademark registration license

• Brand authorization license or Agency authorization license for Non-trademark holders

• Product test report

The following documents are required for overseas suppliers:

• Business license

• Tax enrollment certificate

• Incorporate body representative ID card copies (both sides)

• Trademark registration license

• Brand authorization license or Agency authorization license for Non-trademark holders

• Product test report

1stopbuild may also require merchants to provide additional certificates when deemed necessary.

Registration Process

1.Online registration

2.Email qualifications supporting documents to service@1stopbuild.com

3.Application assessment and supplier agreement finalization

4.Begin selling on 1Stopbuild.com

What is This “Find a Builder” Service?

Find a Builder is a service provided by 1stopbuild where builders can register free of charge to become searchable via our 1stopbuild platform. This is a part of our larger construction community that aims to make it easier for builders and tradies to connect with jobs, and for customers to connect with builders (our Get a Quote service). With the help of Find a Builder, you'll get better visibility online, and allow homeowners and developers to easily connect you to projects they need doing.

Application Criteria

For individual applicants

1.You are currently residing in New Zealand with valid New Zealand Residency.

2. You hold New Zealand Licensed Builders Practitioner Certificate, or, you will need to provide two references proving that you are a builder.

For organizations

1. Director(s) must provide;

a) Valid passport

b) Valid NZ driver's license

c) Latest bank statement, or water/electricity bill (within the last 3 months)

d) Details of your New Zealand Licensed Builders Practitioner Certificate

Registration Process

1. Complete the online application

2. Email the supporting documents to service@1stopbuild.com

3. Application assessment (10 working days)

4. Approval


For any questions please get in touch with us at service@1stopbuild.com, or call +64 9 589 1234




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